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The Schuster Kane
Alliance, Inc.

Culture Change

Culture is everything.
Plans are easy.
Implementation is the hard part.
Empowerment became a phrase in the '80s...
A need in the '90s...
A survival tactic in the new millenium.

Cultures are the change agents for survival.

SKA uses an effective and tailored set of approaches to assist management in fully engaging its workforce in a culture of possibility-thinking for balanced financial, customer, and employee results. The approaches range all over this web site - from coaching to business literacy to leadership training. The impact areas in the organizations SKA addresses are across the spectrum:

  • executive coaching
  • determining the values to drive the culture
  • strategy and creating the business model
  • defining the value-added tasks as verified by customers
  • designing the network of information flows
  • deciding on the right measures
  • formatting decision-making systems
  • revising reward and recognition systems
  • training and development

The last 20 years of work in organization development have created a new set of tools and processes for aligning a culture with the mission and strategy of the organization. The bureaucratic models have eroded away slowly in some industries, faster in others, to be replaced with "biocratic" ones. A set of practices that keep the organization supple and agile for customers, value-added for shareholders and spirit-enhancing for employees are replacing the rigid, value-absorbing, and spirit-reducing practices of the past. In networked, participation-rich companies, the culture emerges from the beliefs and dreams of its employees as much as the strategies of its leaders.

Culture building work

The following SKA activities impact the culture of the organization:

  • Coaching
  • Profit and Cash® - this product enables employees a clear understanding of how they impact the bottom line
  • Leadership Values and Creating a Culture (LVCC) (see "Our Alliances - Rockhurst University) This is one of SKA's training offerings for executives. As leaders build capacity into their enterprises they need a rich forum within which to plan and vision; they require resources and models to enhance their decisions. LVCC provides both the forum and the resources. In the four days of the LVCC learning experience, participants examine their key culture-forming practices and beliefs at whatever level they manage, identify gaps or processes that require improvement, and then begin to create the strategies necessary to implement change. The course uses a powerful blend of learning techniques, from 360° assessments to individual coaches to great classroom experiences, and has the most value when a company participates as a team.

Leadership at every level in the enterprise is now mission critical, because change, now and in the future (and probably in the past), cannot be solely driven from the top down. It can be nurtured from on high, but all employee/participants need to step up to the challenge of making sense out of the chaos and competing priorities, exercising leadership as they take accountability for establishing new direction.

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