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The Schuster Kane
Alliance, Inc.


Beyond the Velcro Approach

Carl Jung lamented the lack of "colleges" to prepare 40-year-olds for the rest of their lives. "Thoroughly unprepared we take the step into the afternoon of life," he said. But even worse more...

Building a Team

It happens pretty often. I'll get a call. A voice in quiet desperation at the end of the line says, "We need some of that team-building stuff all you consultant guys do! I think we need it pretty soon, too." more...

Follow Your Dreams

To be forever renowned as one of the true masters of the one-liner, he was born in meager surroundings in Eltham, England as Leslie Townes Hope, the fifth of seven sons of an English stonemason. His life came to epitomize, more...

In Search of Calcutta

As the story goes, a middle-aged woman in her well-to-do life has written Mother Teresa to ask if she could come to help her work in the missions. Mother Teresa, for some reason, declined the offer, more...

Leading With Love

We are at the end of one age, but we are not quite at the beginning of the next. We are the people of the parenthesis - the in-betweeners - who have to figure out what of the old to bring with us and what of the old to discard. more...

The Manager of La Mancha

So much of management training today could be called "light learning." Like light beers and fast food, light learning has its place. But quickie solutions for most every management challenge more...

Mind Over Butter

Can any of you remember when buying yellow margarine was illegal? People younger than 40 may not, since you've gotten your Parkay whenever you felt like it, never knowing that things used to be different. more...

No Job Description is Big Enough

Many jobs are too small for the human spirit. Typically confined by hours in the week and work descriptions, the boundaries of many jobs simply aren't elastic enough to make room for workers' vast hearts and spirits. As a result, the wasted energy and abandoned vision more...

Recharging Your Work Force

Companies come to me all the time, seeking my help to "motivate the employees," as if I am going to show up and charge their batteries or something like that. Now I like good motivational speeches as much as anyone else, more...

Take Time Out

Sales managers have a tough job. They've got numbers to crunch and people to hire and paperwork to shuffle and meetings to attend with the marketing and manufacturing departments and they've got to more...

Tune In

I've run across a startling statistic that managers should pay attention to. Lots of statistics may be worth ignoring, but not this one. more...

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